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The UniMPS is a product suite that provides the complete set of tools to provide management for all aspects Printing, photocopying and Scanning. Whether you are an MPS vendor or an independent Company looking to manage their own printing costs and environment. This solution caters for the very largest Corporation to the smallest


Embedding Service facilitates the following functions:

On-device authentication using the following methodology:


User and Pin

LDAP – User and password

User and Account



Job accounting

Copy tracking

Scan tracking

Fax tracking

Secure print release

Print Homing (Pull printing)

Device Scope available for integration into Helpdesk systems or CRM software.

DeviceScope comprises three components each offering its own functionality:


This system can be either a cloud-based or a terrestrially based server and can accept inputs from DeviceScope Lite or Device Service from a single or multiple sites or clients. It collects data from print devices on these sites and processes it into a database where users can log in and view the data and pull reports. It is scalable to whatever size is required. It is licensed per device per month or on a pre-pay basis.

DeviceScope Lite

This software is installed on a site and can be used to manage all network print devices accessible on that network. It provides Dashboards displaying various print fleet parameters on a live basis allowing on-site support technicians to respond immediately to Alerts alarms and other information. This component is licensed per installation with unrestricted number of devices.

Device Service

This software is a collector agent that will collect Network printer information at a site. It is headless software that only allows you to configure Discovery parameters, devices of interest, and communication parameters. All collected data is then communicated to the selected DeviceScope server for processing into the database.