Mothusimang Lele Mokobane

Managing Director

Qualification: Sales and Marketing Diploma, Peninsula Technikon


From humble beginnings, Lele studied Marketing and Sales at the Peninsula
Technikon in the Western Cape, upon his qualifications he was immediately
recruited to First National Bank in 1994.

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In 1997, he was introduced to the Office Automation Industry selling photocopiers and faxes for Panasonic Business Systems. This is where he found his passion and calling. In 2003 Rena Business Solutions was established and since then it has grown from strength to strength. Through determination, passion and commitment, Rena Business Solutions has grown into a multi-branded organization with various product lines and offerings. His commitment to the youth of South Africa has given many young individuals opportunities to develop and create within the organization. Through Lele’s guidance and wisdom of the industry, Rena Business Solutions has secured its place in the market by offer unique and affordable business solutions. Lele is a true testimony of perseverance and commitment.


Where do you see RBS in the future?


“I have many ideas and plans for RBS, we are currently in the 4 th industrial revolution and RBS needs to capitalize on the many business opportunities available. We are always looking for new products and business solutions to offer our clients and the public. If we continue on our current trajectory, RBS will be the market leader in South Africa. I want to see RBS being recognized for its innovation, product offerings and solutions.”


How do you define your success?


“My definition of success is threefold. The first and most important characteristic of success is knowing that what we do at RBS is allowing prosperity in the lives of our employees and surrounding community, giving them the platform for a happier and healthier life. The second is being able to provide innovation and empowerment to our clients, ensuring the best products and advancements in technology is always available. The third and final definition of success is being profitable, one does not get into business for free. You want to make a profit and to see that growth on your bottom line.”


What is your greatest achievement at RBS?


“By far, my proudest achievement has been the growth of RBS. We have been in the business for 17 years, many people did not believe we would be as successful as we are. RBS has been able to employ over 35 people, from all types of backgrounds and ethnicity, each of them continue to grow month by month. I am especially proud of the growth and development of each of my employees, they move from strength to strength. Their growth equals to my success as a business owner.”


What do you believe people need to know about RBS?


“People need to know that RBS is here to stay. We have a culture of perseverance and determination. South Africa needs to see that RBS will not only provide the products and service offering but also create a lasting impact in each business we deal with.”


John Matsobane Kekae

Chief Executive Officer

Qualifications: BA in Public Administration and Municipal, UNISA 1997


With experience, comes knowledge and this could not be more true when it comes to John Kekae. With over 17 years of experience in the Office Automation Industry John sees RBS as entrenched in the sector and will continue…

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to grow in leaps and bounds. John has been with the company for 13 years serving various roles within the organization. Today, John is our CEO responsible for creating synergies between departments and overseeing our daily operations. He works hand in hand with the rest of our executive team. John is passionate about the organization’s success and longevity. He works to ensure that the organization fulfils its mission and vision. John’s calm and objective approach to any situation ensures that Rena Business Solutions is always moving forward. Along with his extensive experience in the office automation industry, RBS is in good hands.


Where do you see RBS in the future?


“I believe Rena Business Solutions has the drive and potential to make great strides in our sector, especially as 100% black owned company. We are passionate about people and business. As we continue to grow and succeed, RBS can reach our goal of being listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. We are solid at our foundation, therefore there is nothing we cannot achieve.”


How do you define success?


“Someone once said that “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” This could not be more accurate for RBS, we have had our setbacks and challenges but we have never given up. We continue to adapt and improve as we navigate the world of business. Our success is never giving up and always striving to achieve.”


What is your greatest achievement in RBS?


“My greatest achievement at RBS was the day I was appointed as CEO. I am incredible proud of this company and each and every employee. By far it has been the proudest moment in my career and I hope to continue on this journey with RBS.”


Being the CEO is a lot of responsibilities, how do you ensure that RBS is always moving forward especially in challenging times?


“Ensuring that RBS continues to moving forward is and always will be challenging, but our foundation is strong and rooted. There is definitely a lot of pressure to ensure the business succeeds, I believe that by positioning ourselves ahead of the curve and keeping up with what is new in the market, we are then able to adjust our business strategies accordingly. Approaching challenges requires us to think outside the box and to be different, we are very lucky to have creative and business minded individuals working at RBS. We are continuously looking for the best ways to grow and improve the business to ensure that longevity and momentum the future demands.”


Paballo Refilwe Mothibi

Operations & Human Resources Director

Qualifications: BSC (Honours): Metallurgy (2011) University of Pretoria B: Tech Metallurgical Engineering (2005), Pretoria Technikon and BCom in Human Resource Management (Current- 2020) Regent Business School.


Paballo or “Ms P’ as she is more affectionately known is the Human Resources…

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and Operational Director for Rena Business Solutions. She is the advocate and instils and maintains discipline throughout the company. She started in the mining industry in 2003 as a young professional where she gained valuable experience and later joined the RBS team in 2011. Paballo is responsible for protecting the culture and interests of the company. Having extensive experience in the corporate world, she brings good corporate governance and skills into the business. She is a professional and valuable member of the executive management team.


Where do you see RBS in the future?


“RBS started from humble beginnings and the journey is far from over as we continue to grow. We have now started the process of expanding business outside the province of Gauteng and in the long term we aim to expand our brand throughout the continent.”


How do you define your success?


“I define success as being content or at peace with who you are, being the best version of yourself and inspiring others to become the best they can be.”


What is your greatest achievement in RBS?


“My greatest achievement is being given the opportunity to mentor young employees with little corporate experience. Seeing them grow in their careers and become independent has been one of the most rewarding experiences so far. Growing the talent-pipeline has helped RBS to secure future growth and given us a competitive edge in the industry.”


What is the culture of RBS and how does this separate us from our competitors?


“One of our core values is Ubuntu, putting people first. And as such we believe in giving young people an opportunity to shine and room to grow. With advancing technology they manage to stay a step ahead of our competitors by using social media and other modern technology for an effective environmental analysis. Technology has revolutionized the way companies conduct business and young
people are more adaptable to change.”


Winston Vusi Montjane

Corporate Secretary

Qualifications: Degree in Political Science and International Relations (WITS)


Brought up and spent most of his upbringing in the United States of America,
Winston then returned to South Africa to complete his degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

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After completing his studies at Wits, he joined a program offered by Xerox, which was implemented to take previously disadvantaged individuals and introduce them to the Office Automation Industry. Upon his successful completion, he was promoted to Sales Executive. He later left Xerox and joined Panasonic, after Panasonic, Vusi joined Phambili Document Solutions, where he met Mr. Lele Mokobane. Winston joined Rena Business Solutions in 2004 where he filled various roles needed while the company was growing. Winston is now our Corporate Secretary responsible for ensuring compliance and ensuring our clients, supplier contracts and our tenders are managed. Winston is a passionate, lively member of the Executive team and highly valued.


Where do you see RBS in the future?


“As the market leader within the OA Industry, representing a culture of excellent customer care, providing impeccable service and support to our clients. I would like to see RBS become the “go-to” company. Advancing in technology and approach across South Africa and Africa.”


How do you define success?


“Success is perseverance, being able to pick yourself up after failures, willingness to sacrifice for something that one believes in and striving towards achieving it no matter the costs”


What is your greatest achievement at Rena Business Solutions?


“Being awarded the opportunity to take part in the RT3 2018 transversal contract with National Treasury as a fully black owned self-funded organization.”


What makes RBS different from our competitors?


“It is a youthful company, full of fresh ideas and creativity. With our ’all hands on deck” approach, the executive team is fully involved in the day to day operations of the company. Rena Business Solutions is a place where opportunity for growth and development will always exist, employees are never restricted to their current positions.”